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i guess you call it homocide
if so than i'm guilty as charged
and i will live my life at large
because i killed sting

i have to admit i like outlandos d'amour
only because of the drums and guitar work
but what the fuck was up with those pretentious album titles
sting can go suck my zenyatta mondatta

call the police i killed sting
he didn't feel a thing

i stabbed him in the lung
while he was doing yoga
i asked him if it stung
he just grunted like abe vigoda

roxanne was an decent song
even though his lyrics are so dumb
he would throw words like mephistopheles
into songs for no apparent reason

1, 2, 3
i killed sting
it was as easy to learn as my A, B, C's
he didn't fight back because
everybody knows that rock stars can't act
i killed sting like the kwisatz haderach

call the police i killed sting
he didn't feel a thing

he sang that stupid song
with rod stewart and bryan adams
he deserved to die
just like rod stewart and bryan adams

i killed sting because i was jealous
he is so much smarter than the rest of us
you and me are just mere mortals
and sting used to be a high school english teacher
he's so well read (now he's dead!)


from More Songs About Cars and Body Parts, released January 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Bitesize Oakland, California

From 1997-2009, the San Francisco Bay Area’s Bitesize brought a little bit of sickness to indie-pop, filling their otherwise perfect two-minute long pop gems with awkward stops and starts, weird bursts of guitar noise, quirky vocals, and lots of jumping up and down. The band released two critically acclaimed CDs (The Best of Bitesize & Sophomore Slump) and received college radio airplay nationwide ... more

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